Fletcher Prentice

Fletcher Prentice

Location: UK

Fletcher Prentice studied painting at Falmouth School of Art in the 1980s. Returning to painting full time in 2007 after a career as a surface designer on textiles and ceramics

Now exhibiting his paintings in Oxford, Cambridge, Newcastle, Suffolk, Battersea and Hampshire.

His work has also been on show in New York, Sweden, and direct sales to Australia, America and Europe.

Drawing inspiration from his garden in Hertfordshire, where he grows most of the flowers he paints.

Aiming to capture the beauty and colours of the flowers in his paintings. They are a celebration of our natural world, with all that it offers, even more poignant today than ever.

Drawing inspiration from The Dutch Golden Age, still life paintings, he aims to capture the opulence and richness these paintings evoke.

‘Fletcher Prentice’s paintings are a wonderful display a fluidity and confidence with oil combined with a meticulous eye for detail. He is interested in shape, colour and the natural world along with  the material qualities of paint, enjoying its texture as he uses it to build form. His loose painting style describes the constantly shifting movement, nature at its best’.
Sarah Wiseman.

Fletcher’s latest collection of paintings follow in a series inspired by his garden and the landscape beyond in Hertfordshire.

Exploring the artists vision of a garden as an Arcadian space where nature and a more cultivated garden co-exist in equilibrium.

Fletcher Prentice is best known for his effervescent, lavishly painted flower-scapes; gloriously layered and tangled foliage, often dotted with garden birds or hovering insects. His loose, yet detailed style describes a constant shifting movement. Sarah Wiseman.

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