Lesley Hook

Mixed Media Paintings

Lesley Hook

Location: Devon, UK

After teaching Art for three years, Lesley moved with her family to Sidmouth, Devon where her parents had bought a restaurant in which she then became involved.
When she married she joined her husband at his family’s hotel. Her love of textiles was really the “thread’ of creativity that continued through all these years. Making children’s clothes, and curtains, designing patchwork quilts, tapestry, cross-stitch, embroidery and knitting.
Eight years ago when her children left home, she started to paint again, but only in the last two years she says she found her “voice”.

Lesley was amazed when she realised that inadvertently her paintings were becoming pieces of patchwork with embellishment, symbolic of the needlework that has been such a part of her life.

Lesley is a mixed media artist, using Golden and Liquitex acrylic paint, often with hand decorated deli paper combined with acrylic high-flow paints, these are used as part of the composition, along with pre-painted collage material and a variety of acrylic mediums.

She works on canvas and board.

The work is slowly built in layers, building up depth and then letting the narrative lead. Often incorporating birds, and maybe a few relevant words incorporated into the design. The finished artwork is very much a part of her, and she comments that she feels completely engaged with the work. The flowers are mainly grown in her garden, especially the delphiniums, lupins, foxgloves and ox-eye daisy which have taken over her raised veg beds.

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