Derrick & Maud (MARIE MILLS)

Location: Cornwall


Derrick is ‘West Country’ through and through, now retired he has a huge penchant for gardening and regularly wins prizes at the local village shows for the size of his marrows and the succulence of his spuds! Once a fisherman off the Cornish coast he was the proud owner of the trawler ‘The Merry Maud’ now in retirement he lives with his wife, dog, ducks various chickens a cockerel called ‘Oven’ and a blue budgie called ‘Dave’

Maud is a whole different ‘kettle of fish!’ Derrick literally ‘reeled Maud in’, she was wild swimming off the coast of Mevagissey when she inadvertently got caught in a Rip, she was not in any mortal danger but alas her swimming cossie was and when Derrick hauled her on board, he certainly got more than a slap in the face with a wet fish!

Maud is renowned by locals as a little ‘hippie’ in her approach; never one to not give anything a try she is regularly spotted doing a ‘downward dog’ to wholly unsuitable music in her garden, Derrick trug in hand watching on adoringly.

They now live happily and still crazily in love, embracing their retirement with yomps on the South-West coast path and guerrilla gardening.

This exhibition is a story about their life, love and the amusing stories that punctuated their lives.