Hettie Pittman

Location: West Sussex



Hettie Pittman is a self-taught contemporary artist specialising in sea and landscape expressionism. She has been painting for 18 years, the last 14 of those full time.


Her art is well known throughout Sussex as well as having exhibitions in London, Devon & Cornwall.


She paints and sells from her studio in West Sussex and also sells commercially to Art Dealers, retail outlets and Interior Designers, countrywide.


Artists statement

“I paint primarily from my studio making marks with a palette knife, newspaper, rags and sometimes a brush. I always aspire to give each painting a sense of space and to convey an energy and rawness, also allowing the painting to be open to interpretation from the viewer.

Each artwork is built up with layers of paint applied thickly, sometimes peeled back with newspaper or scratched into with the end of a brush or palette knife.

Painting in a studio the work can become reflective of our own personal experiences. I hope I also convey the atmosphere and sense of place.

The sea has a huge influence on what I do, it’s rhythm and movement always being something I try and capture.

My passion for painting is a journey that doesn’t fit neatly into one genre or another. Sometimes I’m working on a series of very large “loose” seascapes then I move into a more figurative phase. This work can be quite primitive as in my naïve paintings or thick impasto floral images.

Each painting is a journey, an exploration of the physicality of paint and canvas, a suggestion rather than an appearance of a particular place.

I am very lucky to spend my day doing something that I love.

Painting has become the essence of who I am.

I hope this reflects in the work I produce and that I can share some of that passion with the spectator.”