Location: Lake District


I am an oil & cold wax artist based in the beautiful Lake District.

My work explores our relationship to the landscape and how when we stand in it we can so easily become a part of it.

My focus is always atmospheric skies & how they meet and meld with the earth, creating mystery, mood and moments of light.

Wherever my inspiration is drawn from, I love expanses of geological formations and weather that can so quickly and effortless engulf you.

Largely self taught and with inspiration all around me, I tend to paint intuitively from memory. I work with the flow of the painting, not forcing it but allowing its sense and temperature to emerge organically.


ABOUT: oil  & cold wax medium

Cold Wax Medium is a buttery paste made from beeswax, alkyd resin and odourless mineral spirits. When added to oil paint, it gives the paint more body, it speeds up the drying time and it provides a lovely velvety matt finish to the painting.

Working with this medium is a subtle process of both adding and removing paint layers to reveal the hidden colours and texture beneath. I mainly favour this medium as it continues to provide me with ways to create diverse and expressive forms of texture.