Roby Hillier

Location: Devon and Tuscany, Italy


Roby paints under a pseudonym, she prefers to do so as she finds offering her work for sale emotionally difficult.
Roby trained as an artist during her formative years in Rome, she then earned a small amount of money to prop up her ‘student’ finances, she painted ‘pet portraits’ for their loving owners, this is where she gained her overwhelming passion for animals and the natural world.

To Roby it is not just the admiration of the unsuspecting ‘sitter’ but more a very basic appreciation of their ethereal beauty, the touch, the tiniest of footprints in the dirt, the smell of their fur and then of their fear as a prey animal approaches, sadly more often than not a human being.

Roby paints for herself, she finds the process healing and therapeutic. However she would love you to love them too.

Roby paints in a variety of media.