Sally Gaywood



Sally Gaywood was born in Chester and from an early age showed a natural aptitude for painting. Although on leaving school she trained as a dancer, her dream was always to be an artist.

Sally studied under Robin Goodwin the marine and portrait painter for several years at his Chelsea studio.

Over the years Sally has worked as a professional artist following the tradition of the great English landscape painters. Whilst she is best known for her atmospheric countryside scenes, she is also well known for her equestrian studies and portraits.

Her work is particularly noted for her skill at capturing light – and most especially her studies of skies. At one of her most recent exhibitions, a meteorologist commented that her paintings were the first he had seen by a living artist that were absolutely accurate meteorologically!

Sally has had a number of solo exhibitions in London, including at the House of Commons, and throughout England, she has participated in several shows abroad.

Over the years Sally has undertaken a number of important commissions including six views of the Royal farms at Windsor which now form part of HM The Queen’s Royal Collection. She has also painted for the British Army including an aspect of the Gulf War for REME, for the British Horse Society and a panoramic view of London featuring St Paul’s for the C.E.G.B

Thirty years ago, Sally moved with her two children from Hampshire to an isolated Devon farmhouse where her work developed a more mystical interpretation very often inspired by a great piece of music, the interior of a cathedral or a spectacular view of her beloved Dartmoor. Her paintings can be found in private collections all over the world.