Ashburn Gallery Devon - Flourish

June 27, 2019 Flourish

Flourish ………

The name ‘Flourish’ seems fitting in so many ways for the next exhibition to be held at The Ashburn Gallery in Ashburton.

From ‘New Beginnings’ the gallery is really starting to flourish with the new exhibition planned for the Ashburn Gallery already drawing interest from the customers and collectors that have visited over the recent weeks since their inaugural exhibition in April.

Owner and Artistic Director Sue Sturton said ‘I am amazed and flattered by the warm wishes and compliments we have received about the Ashburn. I am thrilled that through the support of the incredible network of Artists that are exhibiting with us and the amazing team that I work with that the gallery is already going from strength to strength.

‘The word Flourish seemed so apt, for me, it is to view not just the exuberance of the blooms and colours the Summer so obviously presents to its viewers but also to take time to look at the smaller things, the hidden gem of a daisy in the lawn or a wren nesting in the hedgerow, equally as beautiful as the bold blooms of the Rose and the Peony but you just need to take the time to see them.

The same could be said of the Ashburn Gallery, with the time and nurture that it is receiving it cannot help but Flourish.’

Inspiration for the exhibition name came from a poem written by – Amy Ludwig VanDerwater ©

‘’If you spend time sowing, growing fields of flowers in your heart, you will always have a flower to give to one in need.

And when you are the one in need you too can hold a flower from a garden that no one can see but grows inside of you.’’

The exhibition will include works from Marie Mills, Sally Stafford and Jane Skingley but joining them in this exhibition will be artists new to the gallery such as –

Richard Burt, Natalie Rymer, Jill Meager and Lisa Wisdom with ceramics by Mia Sarosi and an incredible selection of textiles by The Speculating Rook.

Richard Burt works out of his studio near Salcombe where simple shapes are drawn from complex landscapes. A handful of colours are blended into subtle greens, blues and greys. Wet paint is mixed with dry. Old paint is mixed with new. Layer on layer, scraped off and re-applied. From this, Richard sculpts a literal landscape in paint and at the finish we are left looking at an English landscape that is both powerful and reassuring at the same time.

Natalie Rymer is becoming more and more collectible in the South West with her visually cacophonous colour explosions, riots of Summer blooms kiss the colourful shores of the  local coastline ; the viewer ‘has’ to feel good, the palette and feel of the work simply demands it!

The exhibition opens officially on the 9th August 2019. For information please contact the gallery –