October 22, 2021 Reflections

REFLECTIONS – an exhibition


The Gallery is really delighted to introduce to you our first Solo show since COVID 19 reared its ugly head, we introduce stunning new work by local and much celebrated artist – KATE HYLAND

Statement from Gallery Curator – Sue Sturton

‘Take basic and complex emotions, life, love, hurt, pain, sorrow, laughter, empathy, longing and a myriad of others; congest them, scarify their surfaces so they mingle, wrap them up tightly in a tiny ball and then place the ball carefully on the tip of a sable paintbrush, then simply add Kate Hyland…. The result artistic alchemy in the extreme.’ 

Kate describes herself as ‘a painter of people’ her portraits and figurative paintings are as much about capturing the inner world of a person as a likeness. Kate paints herself, other artists, friends, family and anyone in her life who she can persuade to sit for her. Kate also paints still lives; typically, they are of just a singular object and almost approached in the same way as you would a portrait.

Often caught in a moment of contemplation and thought, her painted subjects are emotional reflections of the psyche. A gentle and compassionate perspective of what it is to be human.

Inspired by the old masters she uses a contemporary take on traditional oil painting techniques to build paintings in layers, each piece taking weeks and sometimes months to complete. Her vision is simple, focused on detail and above everything she shows her love light for its sculptural qualities and the way it falls upon the surface of an object or face.

Lessons with Robert lenkiewicz as a teenager.

BA (Hons) Fine art Falmouth University 2006

Exhibited as part of the 2015 Hans Christian Anderson festival in Denmark.

The Exhibition opens to the public on – Saturday November 13, for information and an invitation to the Private View on Friday November 12 please contact the gallery directly on 07798893097 or sue@ashburngallery.co.uk