October 04, 2019 Tidings

Tidings – 2019

Following the extremely successful mixed exhibition ‘Flourish’, The Ashburn Gallery in Ashburton is due to open their new exhibition ‘Tidings’ on the 16th November.

Gallery owner Sue Sturton said ‘I am thrilled with how our first season has gone; I believe that the gallery has proved popular not just because of the variety and quality of the work on show but also it’s location. Ashburton is such a unique town and luckily still full of independent shops.

Our next exhibition ‘Tidings’ celebrates the colours of Autumn and the peace of Winter. We will be introducing new artists such as Danny Holmes-Adams, Tanya Hinton and Jane Hodgeson; we will also have on show new work from our existing artists such as Jill Meager, Marie Mills and Jane Skingley.’

The Ashburn Gallery will also have some amazing and quirky ceramics by Vivienne Ross and textiles by Anna Osborne.

A Private Open Afternoon is scheduled for the 15th November from four O’clock until eight O’clock, so for more information about the exhibition or for an invitation to the Private View please contact the Gallery directly – sue@ashburngallery.co.uk