Jane Skingley

Jane Skingley

Location: United Kingdom

Jane Skingley is best known for her dramatic interpretation of landscapes and clouds. She also paints flowers and birds. The common thread in her subject matter is a love of the outdoors and nature. The coastline, landscape, flora and fauna of the South of England is a big source of inspiration.

She has exhibited work at the Royal College of Art, The Royal Society of Marine Artists and Glyndebourne opera house in East Sussex. In 2017 she undertook a large commission for the WWF on the subject of climate change which was exhibited at the Houses of Parliament.

Jane’s work is regularly exhibited at art fairs in London and New York, including the Affordable Art Fair and the London Art Fair.

She has a degree in Geography from Durham University and went on to have a successful career in PR before giving this up to paint.

My work is about capturing moments. It could be the beach that I went to as a child, or on a family holiday, or the view from my daily country walk. Images may be based on a fleeting memory or a place that is visited over and over, each time seeing something different.

I aim to capture the essence of the place and the feeling that makes its special, maybe the sweep of the shore or curve of a field.

My still and bird paintings are about simple everyday memories; wild flowers picked on my morning walk, simply placed in a jam jar, or a bird visiting my bird table.  This often overlooked beauty is given focus so that it can be enjoyed again and again.

Working in oils, Jane builds up layers of colour to achieve richness and depth. The paintings are produced instinctively evoking mood and atmosphere with a notable sense of calm. Paint is applied by brush, palette knife and even by flicking and each painting takes weeks to complete all the layers.

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