Casa Della Luna

Heavenly Tuscan Cottage "Casa Della Luna"

Casa Della Luna, our Heavenly Tuscan Cottage, is a perfect retreat for couples, artists and lovers of nature and has been welcoming guests since 24 Aug 2021.

Thank you to all our guests who stayed with us this year

The Apennines

Casa Della Luna, or The house of the Moon, is named as such because of its proximity to the Alpe Della Luna (Mountains of the Moon) which is a Natural Park in the Apennine Mountains of central Italy. Its highest peak that can be seen from the cottage is Monte dei Frati standing at 1,453 m above sea level.

The park contains the most astounding and diverse range of wildlife from the wolf to several species of deer, wild boar, porcupine, pine marten and so much more!

Casa Della Luna

Casa della Luna is a perfect retreat for artists, walkers, lovers and lovers of nature. It is in Monteviale, with the nearest small town of Badia Tedalda being about 5km away.

The cottage offers a terrace, with mountain views and a balcony and is equipped with 2 bedrooms, one single and one double. A TV (only DVD enabled but there is a huge collection of DVDs) and extremely well-equipped kitchen that provides guests with a fridge and an oven.

Towels and bed linen are provided, all painting equipment and horse riding can be provided upon request and an additional charge.

Not for party animals!

Although the cottage Casa Della Luna is in Tuscany, it is situated in a remote and mountainous part or Eastern Tuscany, definitely not for party animals as the nightlife tends to consist of owls and nocturnal animals! As the region is mountainous the weather can also be a little unpredictable.

Guests at the holiday home can enjoy hiking nearby, or make the most of the terrace, there is a BBQ (although there are some restrictions for use during mid-Summer).

The nearest airport is Federico Fellini International Airport, 44.1 miles from Heavenly Tuscan Cottage a Perfect Romantic Retreat for Couples.

The Legend of the Alpe Della Luna

Transport yourself back to the Middle Ages. Manfredi was a nobleman, a knight and Rosalia was ‘only’ a country noblewoman, marriage was made impossible by both families as they were considered an unsuitable match.

Romantic nights were spent together in secret, their love growing stronger.
One night of the full moon, Rosalia gazed upon the moon that appeared to be embracing the summits of the Alpe like a lover; she turned to Manfredi and spoke ‘It is said that if a man rides into the Alpe and reaches up to touch the moon that all the treasures of his dreams will become his however she also uttered a warning ‘It is also said that all men that have tried to touch the moon on the Alpe have never returned.

Manfredi convinced that his treasure would be to have Rosalia as his wife, on the next full moon took off on his horse toward the summit of Monte dei Frati. Rosalia out of love stole a horse called Sirius (The brightest star) and followed her love. Neither was ever seen again.

Over the century’s hunters, woodsmen and walkers have said that on full moon nights they have heard the gallop of two horses and saw nearby shadows of the ghostly riders with their hands stretched upwards in an attempt to touch the moon.

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