Marie Mills

Marie Mills

Location: United Kingdom

As a self taught artist my work has It has taken me on many journeys over the years! I constantly identify new possibilities and take advantage of them. I have a need to work everyday either in the studio or out walking constantly observing Natures gifts through the seasons! It is an extraordinary way to spend my time and everyday I am so grateful for this!

My job is physical and mentally exhausting some days but always exciting searching for something that moves me! Even though I may not find it, there is always tomorrow! Reminding myself to be brave works for me! Many days I feel like I have run a marathon.

I have recently taken time out to give me ‘freedom to create’ to recharge research and evaluate technique from old some of my favourite e.g. Sargent Waterhouse and Turner

My process is complex and messy. I have tried every medium but always come back to Oils This makes my work take longer to produce but as an artist who is totally inspired by nature they fit like a glove! I build up many layers, texture and colour trying to capture how delicate nature is. This is then filtered through memory and emotions. Always a romantic at heart!

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