Tanya Hinton

Tanya Hinton

Location: Dorset

Tanya Hinton creates unique paintings of wildlife on pieces of wood and other materials reclaimed from a range of sources, including skips, garden sheds, beaches and building sites. Tanya paints birds and creatures in oil which seem appropriate and fitting to the wood, eg: the sea- worn textures and patterns of grain might suggest rippled water or downland fields or flaking paint on old doors might suggest snowy landscapes.

“My work is as much about the wood and its history as the painting. The wood has lived before, as trees, then as items that have been used, that may have been loved, but then lost or discarded. I like to think that I’m giving this wood a new identity.

I also undertake street art projects on walls, doors, shop fronts and as murals, often to commission. So many have ‘appeared’ in Warminster’s town centre, where I live, that I’ve been nicknaned ‘The Warminster Bird Lady!’

My art training was far from conventional. I was brought up in a very creative ‘bohemian’ household. My father ran a highly successful business, sculpting and manufacturing model soldiers. Under his guidance, I learned about handling paint, colour mixing and attention to detail at a very early age, which have since proved invaluable in the depiction of the character, pattern and texture of my painted creatures.”

Tanya Hinton has had successful exhibitions throughout south west England and further afield. Her work is in many collections and she regularly undertakes commissions.

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