Louise Bougourd

Location: Devon, United Kingdom


I create art inspired by my natural surroundings, combining naturalism with imagination to create expressive, vibrant and beautiful art that is engaging and a joy to look at.

My painting process follows the same journey – I sketch on location creating bold interpretations of my surroundings; I make many sketches to use in my studio, where I work on larger pieces either on canvas or wood panels allowing me to be bold and gestural in my mark-making, occasionally, I work on Two Rivers handmade paper which has an amazing tooth adding the textural quality. I rip sketches up to make collages removing me from the restraint of a particular scene, this process helps me to eliminate any suggestion of representation. It is my intention to make art that makes you look at your surroundings in a new way, with fresh eyes!

I work on multiple pieces at the same time, this permits a sense of freedom as I move between panels; more importantly, it prevents me from becoming completely attached to a single painting which invariably means I begin to get too detailed early in its journey!

At the start of a painting my marks are intuitive and bold, as I move forward, considering composition, the painting has a way of determining my marks; the process slows and becomes considered – the balance between my initial responses and an analytical approach as I bring a painting to a resolution is crucial as I want to keep the freshness and vibrancy of my early marks which give the painting life and energy.