‘The Show Must Go On!!!

The Show Must Go On .

The Ashburn Gallery has an amazing new body of work on show from all your favourite artists, plus some new ones. As you can imagine circumstances dictate that we offer you any innovative way we can for you to view the work…so….

Please read below –

 ‘The Show Must Go On!!!

The Ashburn Gallery has an amazing new body of work on show from all your favourite artists, plus some new ones. As you can imagine circumstances dictate that we offer you any innovative way we can for you to view the work…so….

Please read below –

Gallery Opening

The Gallery will be open as usual between the hours of 11.00 and 15.00 Tuesday to Saturday (we will resume standard hours as soon as the world goes back to normal!) If you wish to visit, we are open and would love to see you, we will of course respect Social Distancing guidelines.


Private Viewing

If you would like to have a completely Private view of the work that we have showing for the new exhibition this can be arranged, we will give you sole occupancy of the gallery, hand you a glass of wine and a crisp! and you can wander in splendid isolation, lose yourself for a moment in a space of tranquillity and beauty. It is essential to book this, please call SUE on 07798893097.


Home Trials and Free Delivery (Location dependant)

For the foreseeable duration the Ashburn Gallery will be offering HOME TRIALS and FREE DELIVERY  The website will be updated daily and please also follow us on social media, specifically Instagram, we will be promoting a ‘Painting of the day’ if you see a piece that you like the look of call – SUE on 07798893097 we will then arrange a delivery of the piece/pieces (limit of 25 miles of the Gallery) the work will be dropped at your house – no need to physically meet, we can arrange a safe and suitable place. You can then view the work for one week at your leisure, if you like it and want to buy it, we can arrange this over the phone, if you decide you don’t like it we will arrange collection at no charge to you.


Please try and help us stay trading through these difficult and unprecedented times.

Sue and all at The Ashburn Gallery

Tidings – 2019

Following the extremely successful mixed exhibition ‘Flourish’, The Ashburn Gallery in Ashburton is due to open their new exhibition ‘Tidings’ on the 16th November.

Gallery owner Sue Sturton said ‘I am thrilled with how our first season has gone; I believe that the gallery has proved popular not just because of the variety and quality of the work on show but also it’s location. Ashburton is such a unique town and luckily still full of independent shops.

Our next exhibition ‘Tidings’ celebrates the colours of Autumn and the peace of Winter. We will be introducing new artists such as Danny Holmes-Adams, Tanya Hinton and Jane Hodgeson; we will also have on show new work from our existing artists such as Jill Meager, Marie Mills and Jane Skingley.’

The Ashburn Gallery will also have  some amazing and quirky ceramics by Vivienne Ross and textiles by Anna Osborne.

A Private Open Afternoon is scheduled for the 15th November from four O’clock until eight O’clock, so for more information about the exhibition or for an invitation to the Private View please contact the Gallery directly – sue@ashburngallery.co.uk

Summer Show – Ashburn Gallery


The name ‘Flourish’ seems fitting in so many ways for the next exhibition to be held at The Ashburn Gallery in Ashburton.

From ‘New Beginnings’ the gallery is really starting to flourish with the new exhibition planned for the Ashburn Gallery already drawing interest from the customers and collectors that have visited since their inaugural exhibition in April.

Owner and Artistic Director Sue Sturton said ‘I am amazed and flattered by the warm wishes and compliments we have received about the Ashburn. I am thrilled that through the support of the incredible network of Artists that are exhibiting with us and the amazing team that I work with that the gallery is already going from strength to strength.

‘The word Flourish seemed so apt. For me it is to view not just the exuberance of the blooms and colours the Summer so obviously presents to its onlookers but also the smaller things, the hidden gem of a daisy in the lawn or a wren nesting in the hedgerow, equally as beautiful as the bold blooms of the Rose and the Peony. You just need to take the time to see them.

The same could be said of the Ashburn Gallery, with the time and nurture that it is receiving it cannot help but ‘Flourish.’

Inspiration for the exhibition name came from a poem written by – Amy Ludwig VanDerwater ©

‘’If you spend time sowing, growing fields of flowers in your heart, you will always have a flower to give to one in need.
And when you are the one in need you too can hold a flower from a garden that no one can see but grows inside of you.’’

The exhibition will include works from Marie Mills, Sally Stafford and Jane Skingley but joining them will be artists new to the gallery such as – Richard Burt, Natalie Rymer, Jill Meager, Lisa Wisdom, Mark Cairns and Frank Phillips with ceramics by Mia Sarosi, Penny Jones and Mary-Jane McLeod and an incredible selection of textiles by The Speculating Rook.

Richard Burt works out of his studio near Salcombe where simple shapes are drawn from complex landscapes. A handful of colours are blended into subtle greens, blues and greys. Wet paint is mixed with dry. Old paint is mixed with new. Layer on layer, scraped off and re-applied. From this, Richard sculpts a literal landscape in paint and at the finish we are left looking at an English landscape that is both powerful and reassuring at the same time.

Natalie Rymer is becoming more and more collectible in the South West with her visually cacophonous colour explosions, riots of Summer blooms kiss the colourful shores of the local coastline; the viewer ‘has’ to feel good, the palette and feel of the work simply demands it!

Jill Meager who will be exhibiting was trained at Cambridge University and Putney School of Art and Design. Raised in rural Scotland, she primarily works in response to wildlife – its resilience, its design and now increasingly its vulnerability.
Lisa Wisdoms work has proved to be hugely popular she works from her studio is the old blacksmiths workshop of a disused and now derelict granite quarry near Falmouth in Cornwall. Directly inspired by this post-industrial landscape, Lisa produces unique artworks quite literally made from fragments found in her immediate surroundings.

Taking corrugated roofing sheets, she flattens and cuts segments that speak to her of sky or wall or building. Using a fragment as a start point, she then layers other scraps to start building up a landscape, finally working into the completed construction with natural black and white charcoals to give detail, line or tonal variation. She will carefully select the material for it’s natural colours and edges, incorporating these into the formation of the landscape, rather than add colour or artificially corrode the metal. The blue sea in her landscapes is patinated copper, these natural oxide colours perfectly represent the ocean colours of Cornwall.

All works will be on display from the 3rd August 2109. For information about the Private View or anything else please contact the gallery – sue@ashburngallery.co.uk

New Beginnings

The first exhibition delivered to you from The Ashburn Gallery, we are very excited to be opening a gallery in such a stunning location, right on the edge of Dartmoor, with the Ashburn river flowing directly behind the gallery building.

The artists that we will open with are Marie Mills, Victoria Allen, Jane Skingley, Stephanie Ho, Keith Stott, Sally Stafford and Angela Lemaire. The gallery will also have exclusive works on exhibition by internationally renowned glass artist – Richard Glass all this combined with a unique collection of jewelry by Pete Reeves, the exhibition shows real promise.

The gallery has tried to work on the premise of not limiting the work on exhibition of that just from the South-West of the UK, indeed quite the opposite, the aim is to attract new and exciting work that many of the South-West audiences will not have seen before.

For information about the exhibition, the artists or the gallery please contact sue@ashburngallery.co.uk


The OWL space within the Ashburn Gallery is the brainchild of Sue Sturton, she says “So often I used to be asked by customers if we could sell their previously purchased paintings and artworks, they may have moved, downsized or simply ‘fallen out of love’ with their once treasured piece.

Until now a provision was not made for this as there was not the space or time to devote to selling on pieces that ‘Once Were Loved”

Sue has designed a space specifically within the Ashburn Gallery that will be totally devoted to selling on pieces from private collections. The work will be hand selected to ensure the ‘genre’ fits with the ethos of both the gallery and the customer base.

The works will be exhibited for a period of six weeks at no charge to the customers (unless the work has been reframed by The Ashburn) the work will either then be sold or returned.

To get more information about this service or to submit a piece that Once Was Loved please contact the gallery at sue@ashburngallery.co.uk