Hey Ferdi!

So hi, Ashburn Creative Adventures here, today I want to introduce you to Ferdi, he is a fox cub that seems to photobomb every wildlife video that I take up here in the Apennines near my home in Tuscany.

Ferdi is a European fox cub and I reckon he is about six months old. In this short video you will see the four magnificent stags running up through the woods towards the Alpe Della Luna… then who should pop up… Ferdi!

He appears almost every time I set up the camera in the woods, he was only a few weeks old in the first one, and since then I think he wants to be a film star as he pops up all the time.

What started as a boredom basher for long Winter nights has now turned into a great hobby that allows me to start cataloguing the amazing wildlife that this part of Italy has to offer.
So far, I have filmed, European Grey Wolves, Pine Martens, Porcupines, wild boar, and several types of Deer and still discovering new species, and of course the wonderful Ferdi.
The filming gets me away from my computer where I am planning for the next Art Fair or Painting Holiday, a great but complimentary hobby that allows me to fall in love with this particular part of Italy that I now live and work in.

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